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Dear Members,

NCAA has  proven it has a listening leadership and receptive ears; we will continue to build on our good relationship with NCAA, it is our regulatory  Authority and deserving of our respect and support. 

Following several meetings between NANTA leadership and NCAA and immediately after Dr. Pinheiro's (SAN) presentation at the end of year gathering of Lagos Zone, NCAA officially communicated approval of an Industry Compliance Committee as severally requested by NANTA. The committee will be supervised and enforced by the firm grip of the Authority. NANTA has been given the mandate to constitute the committee which will have representation from Airlines, GDS Companies, and NANTA. 

NANTA requested for this committee because we are exhausted; any time there is a bad or erroneous practice in the sector (particularly around fictitious bookings among many others) the Airlines are always quick to push the blame and penalties to Agents. ADMs have now become a major revenue stream of Airlines and are dished out at will to Travel Agents. Some Airlines have poor refund policies and still hold on to refunds of some Travel Agent's for over 2 years. We do not need to mention names here. 

Since it is obvious that IATA does not represent the commercial interest of Travel Agents, who are a key SME segment of the Nigerian Economy, we need to seek protection under the laws and authority of the land. 

The commercial and reputational costs of penalties, poor refund policies, and simple correspondence to IATA are becoming unbearable and if we do not start to push back, we would become extinct. We will advocate and push back, but in so doing, we MUST be disciplined, focused, and professional.

 Summary of the Roles of the Industry Compliance Committee are as Follows: 

This committee is backed by the enforcement authority of NCAA. NCAA will sit as observer/umpire to representatives from Airlines, GDS Companies, and NANTA. Summary of the roles of the Committee are as follows: 

1) The Committee will enforce diligence of all sector practitioners (Airlines, GDS Companies, Travel Agents)

2) The Committee will throw up insights into the sources and incentives which encourage malpractices in the travel sector 

3) The Committee will encourage  the exchange of knowledge and expertise that will assist effective monitoring, checks, balances, and regulation. 

4) The Committee will call all sector practitioners and players to order whenever the need arises.

Congratulations, dear Members, this is a major step forward, in lieu of our Act, and we will keep moving as a collective body. It may  take time, but we will get there. 


Warm Regards,

Susan Akporiaye (Mrs)

NANTA National President

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