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Overland Airways has backed off from the planned strike to protest the incessant rise in the price of Jet A1.


Also, the management of Arik Air Limited (In Receivership) and Aero Contractors (In Receivership) have also called off their planned strike actions slated for Monday, saying that both airlines would be operating all their scheduled flights on Monday, May 9, 2022.

Both managements fully identify with and endorse the efforts of the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) to bring about a conducive operating environment for Nigerian carriers as the current price of JET A1 is unsustainable and could result in the untimely demise of most airlines.

However, we have assurances that the government is looking at the issues raised by the AON and will come up with a decision that will be in the best interest of the industry and the traveling public.

Passengers who are booked to travel on both Arik Air Aero Contractors tomorrow and beyond should proceed to their airports of departure to board.

Overland Airways in a statement said it had been inundated with inquiries about flight services on Monday adding that it ‘acknowledges the existential threat that these runaway fuel price increases pose for the Air transport industry in Nigeria’.


It however said it does not believe that airlines volunteering to stop operations are the solution, noting that Overland Airways has commercial and legal obligations to customers, financiers, and staff, promises which must be honoured.


Overland Airways’ aircraft 


It explained that it believes it is the responsibility of the government to address the inequity behind the aviation fuel supply chain and it joins the AON to call on Government urgent action as a duty of State.


“Overland Airways will continue to provide full service to its customers and the general public with normal operations on Monday 09 May 2022 and beyond.


Arik Air’s aircraft

“The above notwithstanding, we identify very strongly with our AON and will anticipate actively in every dialogue to resolve this national emergency as soon as possible in the interest of our country.” the statement reads.

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