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Toke Trumps Lagos Tourism, add vibes to NANTA Effort WTM

By Frank Meke.

Effervescence and beautiful Lagos state Commissioner of Tourism, Toke Benson boomed the excitement of Nigerians, particularly nanta members, as she appeared from the blues and cameras kept streaming endlessly.

Toke’s smile is like a honey pot, and you can’t fault those who lined out to get infested with her humility. I can’t buy her heart, but I can perceive she will deliver tourism dollars to lagos.

Toke came prepared. No, she came to study the market, the global travel market, and possibly find a way and means to put lagos on the tourism map of the world. I can see the intent through her eyes, lovely eyes! Lagos is Africa’s fifth biggest economy and a place to live, work , stay, dine, and shop.

Lagos vibes in gregarious multi cultural experience, and toke’s smile reminds me of late Bobby Benson’ iconic music , Taxi Driver. And do you know, Lagos taxis, not Uber or Bolt, takes you to hidden groves of Lagos.

So who else is here? Her permanent secretary, Mrs Ganiyat Toyin Atekoja , is also here.

She has a deep and uncanny way of putting across her views. She is telepathic Both Toke and her permanent secretary brought some sense of joy after the huge disappointing absence of Nigeria’ s ministry of Tourism and Wobbly Nigeria Tourism Development Authority, some funny, funny authority!. Pictures don’t tell lies. See if there’s someone you may know here!

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