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NANTA Storms World Travel Market, Promotes Nigeria Tourism Potentials

The National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), will be storming the World Travel Market, London on Friday with a 70 man trade professionals to sell Nigeria to the world.


The WTM runs from the 6th of November to the 8th of November, 2023 and will be held at its famous and iconic location in Excel,  London with over 100 countries and private trade businesses from all corners of the world in attendance.


However, NANTA aim was to market Nigeria tourism potentials to the world in other to target foreign exchange inflow into the country from tourists.


The WTM is the biggest tourism,  technology, and travel market that will be opened in Excel, London this weekend.


However, with a record global tourism trade community in attendance, particularly with frontline tourism nations, the nation has clear amazing tourism stories to tell about their countries.


This outing is NANTA’s second solo outing  to give Nigeria a voice, face, and presence in the global tourism market without a single penny from the federal government and even diplomatic niceties.


The NANTA trade team is made up of independent and private travel and tourism specialists,  bonded by patriotism and selflessness in making a case for a change in  perception by the global travel world  about visiting Nigeria.

With prominent foreign airlines doing over fifteen flights weekly in and out Nigeria with full capacity,  NANTA, as the critical bridge to these airlines’ inventory marketing in Nigeria,  believes that Nigeria is advantaged as a  destination based on this reality on connectivity.


President of NANTA, Susan Akporiaye, who is leading the national tourism team with the association’ s First and Second Deputy presidents,  Alhaji kabiru Maiwada and Dr. Chima Ihe,  disclosed that the effort is all about Nigeria and Nigerians,  adding that it is easier for global tourism trade traffic influencers to buy into visit  Nigeria campaign by nanta, which is a private Non governmental Organisation ( NGO).


” We are focused on this agenda even though it’s the federal government tourism agencies that should spearhead the effort and since we don’t understand the direction of the government for the industry, we at nanta decided to stand in gap for our nation and people” she explained.


On the expected gains from the global tourism trade show, Mrs Akporiaye noted that increased tourism traffic into Nigeria at this time will help boost the naira as cultural tourism products and services will be cheaper for foreigners visiting the country and it will also expose our members to how best to market Nigeria leveraging on the presence of established destination marketing companies.


” With our government working hard to stabilise on all fronts and expected ease in obtaining our visa, we shall endeavour to share the true experience of visiting Nigeria with tourists and trade buyers, particularly those interested in our cultural tourism diversity,  telecoms and agricultural services. We believe that serious tourism traffic into Nigeria can oxygenate the naira back to life, ” Mrs Akporiaye further explained.


Vice president, Eastern Zone of the association and Head, logistics for the NANTA expedition, Pastor Chinyere Umeasiegbu, stated that, but for visa issues,  the entire members of the association will have been part of the Nigerian tourism marketing agenda, commending the Commitment and show of love for Nigerian tourism by nanta members.

” we are counting the days and to God be the glory for the courage and commitment of our members to this national assignment,” Mrs Umeasiegbu added



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