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Glovo Extends ‘The Couriers Pledge’ to Nigeria: Elevating Safety and Benefits for Couriers Across Africa

Glovo, Africa’s leading multi-category app, has launched “The Couriers Pledge” in Nigeria, a commitment set by the company to increase the social rights and benefits available to couriers, regardless of employment or work status with the company.

The Couriers Pledge initiative first introduced in 2021, has already positively impacted over 40,000 couriers in various countries across the globe where Glovo operates.

With the launch of the program in Nigeria, the Courier’s pledge is now being implemented in all African countries where Glovo operates. Glovo’s commitment under The Couriers Pledge includes:

  • Fairer Earnings: Guaranteeing proper and transparent hourly earnings aligned with regional living wages and daily expenses.
  • 360º Safety: Providing assistance for accidents, third-party liability, transportation of goods, sickness, maternity and paternity extra payment, and urgent Family Expense benefits.
  • Proactive Management: Establishing a fair appeals process for couriers and facilitating open dialogue with couriers.
  • Caring for Couriers Community: Offering training courses to enhance couriers’ professional skills, implementing an in-app SOS button for emergencies, and introducing an anti-discrimination policy.

Lamide Akinola, General Manager for Glovo Nigeria, expressed her pride in achieving this milestone, stating, “We believe that couriers deserve equal access to social rights and benefits, regardless of their contractual relationship with the platform. The successful launch of The Couriers Pledge in Nigeria represents a significant step towards creating a fairer working environment for our couriers in the region. We are proud to have all African markets covered under this initiative.”

At the launch, couriers in attendance received comprehensive safety training conducted by the Lagos State Drivers Institute (LASDRI). In addition, Glovo partnered with NEM Insurance to provide health check-ups for couriers, promoting their well-being and access to essential healthcare services.

Also speaking on the launch of the Courier’s Pledge in Nigeria, Mrs. Bolanle Tiamiyu, General Manager of the Lagos State Drivers Institute (LASDRI), commended Glovo for its commitment to enhancing the rights and benefits for couriers who play a critical role in the local service delivery ecosystem.

She also emphasized the importance of such initiatives in ensuring the well-being of couriers and the broader community. She said, “Glovo’s focus on safety and training is commendable, and it sets a positive example for the industry. Providing couriers with essential skills and knowledge is crucial for ensuring safer roads and better services.”

Glovo collaborated closely with the Fairwork Foundation, following principles and data on fair earnings and living wages, to develop The Couriers Pledge.

This initiative aims to set a new industry standard for fair working conditions in the gig economy.

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