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WTM London 2022 Updates:

Day 3!

The business visits took the same patterns like days 1 & 2, with emphasis as some previous visitors returned to firm up relationships. In addition to the service sectors of the previous visits, foreign payment solutions providers visited the NANTA Nigeria stand with keenness to work with members. The Public affairs Attachè of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago  (on Culture and Tourism) also visited the NANTA stand expressing optimism to strengthen cultural and business tour relationships with members. 

Aside from the fun part with highlights below, the NANTA-Nigeria Stand made emphatic contacts that would generally help members with DMC and Tour relationships in different continents. A comprehensive record would be kept at the National Secretariat. Follow up Zoom meetings would also be scheduled to inform and engage members across Zones through the Zonal VPs. 

 Nigeria Day Highlights: 

1) We had a variety of local snacks, fruits, chilled Zobo, and Chapman decently displayed and served. We also had a DJ/Saxophonist who had a good understanding of the moods and appropriate flow of Nigerian music

2) Members were all dressed to the minute, in different shades of National attire, and the President kicked off with an eloquent invite, on microphone, to all participants in the event venue. Music and dancing started

3) Like a member mentioned, Yes Nigeria disrupted the aisle! But it was a most pleasant disruption. Everybody on the aisle was happy to stop for a minute, take photos, dance, and take a cup of chilled Zobo or Chapman. Then the hall started to gravitate towards the NANTA Stand; different race and colours, we all had good dance and time together

4) With our small stand, we started as the 'light' of the event, and definitely ended as the 'soul'. In the words of a visitor from Portugal "for 3 days, I have been longing for the opportunity to dance, thank you Nigeria"; see her in video with the Event Publicity Secretary

5) Nigerians that worked with WTM were proud, and you could see them happy to hang arround our stand and associate with us. Also many foreigners of colour that joined us made soft but serious comments that they wished their DNAs were matched to Nigeria

6) Press Crew from different countries also flooded the NANTA-Nigeria stand, taking photos and recordings. Remarkably, a BBC content creator established firm contact with the President, with a promise to do follow up visit to Nigeria for content

7) The most elating part of the day was when we spontaneously assembled to take our National Anthem. It was arousing, and every other National who could not join us stayed fixed on us in admiration (see video). At this point, the Official Photographer of WTM came back to us and said we are deserving of a group photograph that would be uploaded on the WTM Site. He took nice shots

8) Summary Insights from the event:

 'Nigerians are like the image of Africa and perhaps the black race' . The world is waiting on us.

We thank the Committee Chairman Efetobo Awhana, who was selfless and dutiful to the end.

We are grateful to the belief, will, support, and passion of Members.

We are NANTA!

NANTA WTM Publicity Secretary

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