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DAY 2: 

The day started with the usual efficiency of the Committee Chairman, Efe, and members, who set up the stand, tidy and ready for visitors. 

The NANTA-Nigeria Stand received over a 100 visitors in the following sectors; Hotel, Visa & Immigration Services, Media, Destination Managers from Africa, Caribbeans, and Europe, Ticket Inventory Consolidators, Fintech/Payment Solution companies and Some African Travel Associations. 

Interestingly, a high point of our presence at WTM is that an European, Nigerian National, Outbound Tour Operator said that they do major tours to African countries from Europe but they deliberately avoid Nigeria because of the absence of structure in Nigeria to receive inbound tourists. The team was at the NANTA stand for over 30 minutes, they were properly educated about the professional base, spread, and readiness of NANTA Members for inbound logistics. The team left convinced with a commitment to work with NANTA. 

In addition to the above, we learnt the following from interactions and interviews with visitors who visited the NANTA-Nigeria stand: 

1) Africans in diaspora, carribbeans, and other persons with connection with Africa are eager to visit Nigeria. They do not see security issues in Nigeria any worse than in some parts of Europe, America, and South America. 

2) African visitors see Nigeris as the country that Africa looks up to. 

3) Visitors complain about the poor response patterns of the Nigerian Embassies in their respective countries, on requests for engagements and tour exchanges with Nigeria. 

4) Visitors acknowledged that though the NANTA Stand is small, they noticed that participants at the event were always gathering arround the stand and this drew their interest to visit the stand. According to a Grenedian. UK based, media practioner; 'this stand is a light, everybody wants to come in and this drew my interest. I waited for over 15 minutes to come in for a chat'. See videos and pictures for details. 

4) Official of the South Africa stand came to inform the NANTA stand that the South African celebrated artist Master KGs, who sang hit song 'Jerusalema', was around and that they would like us (Nigeria) to spice up their stand when the song is played. Trust President, Committee Chair, Committee Publicity Secretary, and some members. We added another round of fun and colour to Day 2. Video will be shared. 

We are set for Day 3; Nigeria Day! 

NANTA WTM Publicity Secretary

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