Agency Requirements

Full membership of NANTA is open to all IATA accredited travel agencies in Nigeria. Associate membership is open to non-IATA travel agencies in Nigeria.

Membership Requirements

  • Share Capital: Minimum of ₦2,000,000 (2 Million)
  • Introduction Letter on the Company Letterhead
  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • Form CAC2, CAC7
  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • International Passport Data Page

Membership Details:

  • An admission letter will be issued once registration process is completed.
  • Membership is renewable every year.
  • Your NANTA page on the VAPO platform displays all your membership activities with NANTA e.g. Expiry, Payment e.t.c
  • All payment must be made online.
  • NANTA provides recognition of the professional role that our Members play in the travel industry:

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that the NANTA logo is very important to the travelling public. Commendation of NANTA Members by NANTA’s consumer press editorials explain to Consumers the benefit of using a NANTA Member and indicates a level of credibility and assurance that the Travel Agent is compliant with NANTA.

  • Secures the interests of our Members:

    The travel industry is highly competitive and red tape can be a real problem. We spend a large portion of our resources in lobbying government and reviewing regulatory and statutory changes.

  • Reflect the consensus of our members to other stakeholders in the private and public sectors:

    We are able to engage in strategic and ongoing transparent communication with stakeholders, lobbying the relevant public sector stakeholders to help maintain a level playing field in the travel industry. We also work closely with industry bodies and major suppliers within the travel industry to ensure that Members’ interests are represented. Many of these suppliers show their support for NANTA Members.

  • Act on behalf of our Members in deliberations and negotiations with other sectors of the industry:

    NANTA is able to exert its influence in a number of strategic and key decisions affecting the industry, in particular addressing the critical skills shortage facing this industry.Very often, the neutrality of NANTA ensures an amicable resolve on issues involving Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Embassies and Consulates and more frequently airline issues.

  • Consider and promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics

    NANTA Members Consider and promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

  • Information and Advice:

    We receive many calls and emails on a daily basis from both Members and Consumers seeking information or advice. Many NANTA Members work tirelessly in seeking solution to these issues and give up their own time to attend meetings and information sessions. In individual Member matters where the Member has not had success in resolving issues of supplier violation, NANTA will intervene. From time to time NANTA will recruit the services of an expert to give opinion on a certain issue but this does become prohibitive owing to the costs related.We assist both Members and Consumers in the complaint resolution process. The outcome is always more satisfactory when the NANTA Member has adhered to the NANTA Code of Conduct. More than 98% of the calls of complaint we receive are about a non- NANTA Member which is a clear indication of the value of using a NANTA Member.

  • Networking opportunities:

    We recognize the importance of networking and professional development and as such we host a number of different events through the year which provide our members with opportunities to meet colleagues from other NANTA businesses as well as to update the Members on industry issues. Some of these events are highly structured, some are informal, and some – notably our Annual General Meeting are a mixture of the two.

  • Provides expertise:

    NANTA is invited to address many forums to discuss industry matters and in particular NANTA’s stance. At these forums we grab the opportunity to highlight the benefits of using NANTA Members in procuring travel.

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